How to Sell Your Home Quickly In Ilford

Tips to Complete a Quick Sale in a Slow Market

The UK property market has slowed somewhat over recent months, and concerns over what will happen to the economy post-Brexit are not helping. However, homeowners in Ilford and the surrounding areas are, quite literally, well placed to make a sale.

Ilford is a town that is in the throes of various regeneration projects that are really putting it on the map. Add to that the effect of Crossrail, and you have a location that has a little bit of everything. Follow these tips, and potential buyers will be queuing up at your door.

Choose a local agent

Several online agents have appeared on the scene over the past couple of years, and have invested heavily in TV ad campaigns. They are certainly cheap, but that, unfortunately, is where the benefits end. There is simply no substitute for local knowledge, so if you want to sell a property in Ilford, stick to estate agents in Ilford. These are people who know the area, the market and the buyers, and they will be able to help you focus on what aspects of your home to really push in the marketing, as well as how to price it to sell.

The other benefit to using a conventional agent is they will only get paid when the property sells, and the better the price, the more they earn. In other words, your interests and theirs are perfectly aligned. You both want they property to sell as quickly as possible and for the highest price achievable – and that is what they will be working to achieve.

First impressions count

When a potential buyer comes to view your house, they will have decided in less than 20 seconds whether they like it or not. And that initial impression is one that is very hard to overturn. First impressions are absolutely vital, then. Think about kerb appeal – how does the property look from the outside? Just cleaning the windows, repairing a sticking gate latch or replacing a threadbare doormat can make all the difference.

Set the stage

There is a degree of theatre involved in house selling, and one aspect of that is to get people to view in the first place. A professional set of snaps is a world away from your own hastily taken smartphone images. A good estate agent will know how to stage each room to make it look its absolute best. After that it’s down to you to keep the place looking nice for when the viewers turn up in person!

Be a good host

A home is a very personal thing, and buyers can be influenced by seemingly illogical factors. If you are friendly and welcoming to viewers, they will get a more positive experience of the overall viewing and will walk away with a better feeling. In other words, if they like you, they are more likely to like the house. So have the kettle on, be prepared to answer any questions, but also give them space to look around on their own so they can picture what the house will be like when it is all theirs.