Give Your Car a Makeover

New Year, New Look – Even For Your Car

We would all like to start the new year with a sparkling new car, but given that many of us are nervous about even checking our bank balances following the festive excesses, that might be more than a little impractical. However, if you spend plenty of time behind the wheel, you can still inject a positive vibe into the new year by breathing some new life into your old car with these simple, inexpensive but effective automotive makeover tips.

Sort out those battle scars

Look at any ad for a car over a certain age and you will almost certainly see the phrase “age related marks.” It’s one thing for sellers to try and dress damage up as some inevitable part of the vehicular ageing process, but it’s not something that you actually have to live with. You can buy car paint online by simply entering your car registration number, and the system will look up the exact match from the factory paint code. Then all it takes is an afternoon of careful work with the wet and dry paper, primer, paint and polish to get rid of those car park scrapes and have a car that no longer looks its age.

Give it a proper clean

Sure, anyone can drive into that former petrol station down the road where half a dozen enthusiastic guys will attack your car from all angles, cleaning it inside and out in a matter of minutes and charge you £10 or so. But why not treat your car to a proper clean? That means having the upholstery, seats and carpets properly shampooed, the glass properly cleaned on the inside and all those little crevices like ash trays and cup holders properly scrubbed. You see more of your car from the inside than the outside, so surely it makes sense to make it the nicest possible place to be.

It’s all about the rims

You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, and you can tell a lot about a car by its wheels. Alloy rims can be both a blessing and a curse. When they are new and sparkling, they set the car off like nothing else, but when they get chipped and damaged it stands out a mile and there is nowhere to hide. The good news is there are plenty of professional companies out there that can repair those chips and gashes from kerbs and potholes, and it is not as expensive as you might think. Shop around to get the best new year deal in your area.

Add some tech

New cars are bursting with IoT technology that makes the USS Enterprise look like your grandmother’s teasmaid. But this is also an area in which you can teach an old car new tricks. There is a wealth of after market gadgets available that will enable your car entertainment system to communicate with your smartphone, allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes, navigate to your destination and even be kept up to date on changing weather and road conditions in comfort and safety.