Get Instant Cash For Your Old Cars

old cars in a gardenOnline Specialists Take the Stress out of Car Selling

Selling your old car can be a stressful process. But for every problem, the internet has a solution.

There are few things that are quite as exciting as choosing a new car, whether it is brand new from the dealer’s showroom or a “new to you” bargain you have picked up on the second hand market. However, for every yin there is a yang, and the downside of getting a new car is that you have to do something with the old one.

Traditionally, you have been faced with four choices: sell it, trade it in, scrap it or that favourite the world over, “do nothing,” leaving it parked in the driveway to gradually become part of the local landscape. None of these are particularly attractive options, but one person’s problem is another’s business opportunity. There are companies that specialise in taking the hassle out of car disposal, whether you need a scrap car quote or you have a nearly new vehicle that will provide thousands more miles of good service to its next owner.

When it’s the end of the road

If your car has reached the end of its natural life, for example if you have an MOT fail sheet a mile long or expensive components like the clutch or power steering unit are on the way out, then scrapping is usually the most sensible course of action. Unless your car is something particularly unusual, it will cost more than it is worth to get it roadworthy again, and nobody will want to buy it for spares.

There are numerous scrap dealers around and even if you try advertising on a social media marketplace or online auction site, these are the only people who are likely to take an interest. The problem here is that they will, understandably, want to get the car for the lowest possible price to make the best margin, and some will use unscrupulous tricks to try to argue the price down.

Scrap metal is a commodity like any other, and your scrap car will have a value that any scrap dealer will know. By using an online company, you can plug in the car details, and they will give you an instant quote that reflects the market value. Even better, they pay by bank transfer, collect the car when you want them to and deal with the paperwork. No haggling, no stress and no hassle.

Moving your car on to its new owner

If there’s life in the old dog yet, there are other companies that work along similar principles. They will provide a quote that takes into consideration the cost of preparing your car for resale and building in a margin for themselves. Of course this means you will not get the same price as you might selling it privately, but when you factor in the cost of getting the car serviced and cleaned, then taking the photos, paying for the ads and dealing with the dreamers and tyre kickers that will arrive at your front door, it makes absolute sense on every level.