Bring the Outside In With Bifolding Doors

Add Light and Life to Your Home All Year Round

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations behind us, many people’s thoughts are already turning towards spring and any DIY projects that have been lurking in the backs of minds will be pushed closer to the forefront.

Of course, if we have learned one thing in recent years it is that winter often saves its most brutal weather for late January and February, so we are probably not out of the woods yet. However, the addition of sliding or bi folding doors is one of the most efficient upgrades you can make to your home, and will immediately start paying dividends, whatever surprises the English climate might have in store over the coming weeks.

Make your home light and spacious

January can seem like the most depressing of months. In part, it is down to the post-festive hangover, both literal and figurative, but there are also physical and medical factors in play. Reduced daylight hours affect our serotonin levels – this is the neuro transmitter that contributes to feelings of happiness and well being. Installing bi folding doors makes the room feel bigger and more airy, while allowing you to take advantage of every bit of natural light – even if the rain is thundering down or the snow is piling up in the garden.

Enjoy the spectacle

That image of extreme weather does have a certain majesty to it – as long as you are not stuck outside in it seeking shelter! There’s nothing quite like being safe and warm indoors and watching nature in all its forms through a glass window with a cup of coffee in your hand. Glass doors turn your back garden into an ever changing source of wonder at the marvels of nature. You’ll wish you had installed them years ago!

Take advantage of outstanding thermal efficiency

If you grew up in the mid to late 20th century, you will probably remember a time when glass doors were the last thing you wanted to have in winter, and conservatories were frozen no-go zones for half the year. How times have changed. Today’s bi folding doors are made of modern glass that has awe inspiring thermal efficiency. As a result, many people actually find their domestic heating bills go down after they have installed them!

Adding style and value

Bi folding doors can add benefits and savings to your home from the moment they are installed. But that is only half the story. They also add tangible value to your house that will immediately deliver a return on investment if and when you decide to sell. The fact is that every potential buyer has doors and windows near the top of his check list when viewing a potential new home. Not only will modern bi folding doors give your property a sophisticated air that makes it stand out from the neighbours, but also that thermal efficiency will really come to the fore when the estate agent produces your home energy certificate.