Get Instant Cash For Your Old Cars

old cars in a gardenOnline Specialists Take the Stress out of Car Selling

Selling your old car can be a stressful process. But for every problem, the internet has a solution.

There are few things that are quite as exciting as choosing a new car, whether it is brand new from the dealer’s showroom or a “new to you” bargain you have picked up on the second hand market. However, for every yin there is a yang, and the downside of getting a new car is that you have to do something with the old one.

Traditionally, you have been faced with four choices: sell it, trade it in, scrap it or that favourite the world over, “do nothing,” leaving it parked in the driveway to gradually become part of the local landscape. None of these are particularly attractive options, but one person’s problem is another’s business opportunity. There are companies that specialise in taking the hassle out of car disposal, whether you need a scrap car quote or you have a nearly new vehicle that will provide thousands more miles of good service to its next owner.

When it’s the end of the road

If your car has reached the end of its natural life, for example if you have an MOT fail sheet a mile long or expensive components like the clutch or power steering unit are on the way out, then scrapping is usually the most sensible course of action. Unless your car is something particularly unusual, it will cost more than it is worth to get it roadworthy again, and nobody will want to buy it for spares.

There are numerous scrap dealers around and even if you try advertising on a social media marketplace or online auction site, these are the only people who are likely to take an interest. The problem here is that they will, understandably, want to get the car for the lowest possible price to make the best margin, and some will use unscrupulous tricks to try to argue the price down.

Scrap metal is a commodity like any other, and your scrap car will have a value that any scrap dealer will know. By using an online company, you can plug in the car details, and they will give you an instant quote that reflects the market value. Even better, they pay by bank transfer, collect the car when you want them to and deal with the paperwork. No haggling, no stress and no hassle.

Moving your car on to its new owner

If there’s life in the old dog yet, there are other companies that work along similar principles. They will provide a quote that takes into consideration the cost of preparing your car for resale and building in a margin for themselves. Of course this means you will not get the same price as you might selling it privately, but when you factor in the cost of getting the car serviced and cleaned, then taking the photos, paying for the ads and dealing with the dreamers and tyre kickers that will arrive at your front door, it makes absolute sense on every level.

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Give Your Car a Makeover

New Year, New Look – Even For Your Car

We would all like to start the new year with a sparkling new car, but given that many of us are nervous about even checking our bank balances following the festive excesses, that might be more than a little impractical. However, if you spend plenty of time behind the wheel, you can still inject a positive vibe into the new year by breathing some new life into your old car with these simple, inexpensive but effective automotive makeover tips.

Sort out those battle scars

Look at any ad for a car over a certain age and you will almost certainly see the phrase “age related marks.” It’s one thing for sellers to try and dress damage up as some inevitable part of the vehicular ageing process, but it’s not something that you actually have to live with. You can buy car paint online by simply entering your car registration number, and the system will look up the exact match from the factory paint code. Then all it takes is an afternoon of careful work with the wet and dry paper, primer, paint and polish to get rid of those car park scrapes and have a car that no longer looks its age.

Give it a proper clean

Sure, anyone can drive into that former petrol station down the road where half a dozen enthusiastic guys will attack your car from all angles, cleaning it inside and out in a matter of minutes and charge you £10 or so. But why not treat your car to a proper clean? That means having the upholstery, seats and carpets properly shampooed, the glass properly cleaned on the inside and all those little crevices like ash trays and cup holders properly scrubbed. You see more of your car from the inside than the outside, so surely it makes sense to make it the nicest possible place to be.

It’s all about the rims

You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, and you can tell a lot about a car by its wheels. Alloy rims can be both a blessing and a curse. When they are new and sparkling, they set the car off like nothing else, but when they get chipped and damaged it stands out a mile and there is nowhere to hide. The good news is there are plenty of professional companies out there that can repair those chips and gashes from kerbs and potholes, and it is not as expensive as you might think. Shop around to get the best new year deal in your area.

Add some tech

New cars are bursting with IoT technology that makes the USS Enterprise look like your grandmother’s teasmaid. But this is also an area in which you can teach an old car new tricks. There is a wealth of after market gadgets available that will enable your car entertainment system to communicate with your smartphone, allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes, navigate to your destination and even be kept up to date on changing weather and road conditions in comfort and safety.

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How to Sell Your Home Quickly In Ilford

Tips to Complete a Quick Sale in a Slow Market

The UK property market has slowed somewhat over recent months, and concerns over what will happen to the economy post-Brexit are not helping. However, homeowners in Ilford and the surrounding areas are, quite literally, well placed to make a sale.

Ilford is a town that is in the throes of various regeneration projects that are really putting it on the map. Add to that the effect of Crossrail, and you have a location that has a little bit of everything. Follow these tips, and potential buyers will be queuing up at your door.

Choose a local agent

Several online agents have appeared on the scene over the past couple of years, and have invested heavily in TV ad campaigns. They are certainly cheap, but that, unfortunately, is where the benefits end. There is simply no substitute for local knowledge, so if you want to sell a property in Ilford, stick to estate agents in Ilford. These are people who know the area, the market and the buyers, and they will be able to help you focus on what aspects of your home to really push in the marketing, as well as how to price it to sell.

The other benefit to using a conventional agent is they will only get paid when the property sells, and the better the price, the more they earn. In other words, your interests and theirs are perfectly aligned. You both want they property to sell as quickly as possible and for the highest price achievable – and that is what they will be working to achieve.

First impressions count

When a potential buyer comes to view your house, they will have decided in less than 20 seconds whether they like it or not. And that initial impression is one that is very hard to overturn. First impressions are absolutely vital, then. Think about kerb appeal – how does the property look from the outside? Just cleaning the windows, repairing a sticking gate latch or replacing a threadbare doormat can make all the difference.

Set the stage

There is a degree of theatre involved in house selling, and one aspect of that is to get people to view in the first place. A professional set of snaps is a world away from your own hastily taken smartphone images. A good estate agent will know how to stage each room to make it look its absolute best. After that it’s down to you to keep the place looking nice for when the viewers turn up in person!

Be a good host

A home is a very personal thing, and buyers can be influenced by seemingly illogical factors. If you are friendly and welcoming to viewers, they will get a more positive experience of the overall viewing and will walk away with a better feeling. In other words, if they like you, they are more likely to like the house. So have the kettle on, be prepared to answer any questions, but also give them space to look around on their own so they can picture what the house will be like when it is all theirs.

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Bring the Outside In With Bifolding Doors

Add Light and Life to Your Home All Year Round

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations behind us, many people’s thoughts are already turning towards spring and any DIY projects that have been lurking in the backs of minds will be pushed closer to the forefront.

Of course, if we have learned one thing in recent years it is that winter often saves its most brutal weather for late January and February, so we are probably not out of the woods yet. However, the addition of sliding or bi folding doors is one of the most efficient upgrades you can make to your home, and will immediately start paying dividends, whatever surprises the English climate might have in store over the coming weeks.

Make your home light and spacious

January can seem like the most depressing of months. In part, it is down to the post-festive hangover, both literal and figurative, but there are also physical and medical factors in play. Reduced daylight hours affect our serotonin levels – this is the neuro transmitter that contributes to feelings of happiness and well being. Installing bi folding doors makes the room feel bigger and more airy, while allowing you to take advantage of every bit of natural light – even if the rain is thundering down or the snow is piling up in the garden.

Enjoy the spectacle

That image of extreme weather does have a certain majesty to it – as long as you are not stuck outside in it seeking shelter! There’s nothing quite like being safe and warm indoors and watching nature in all its forms through a glass window with a cup of coffee in your hand. Glass doors turn your back garden into an ever changing source of wonder at the marvels of nature. You’ll wish you had installed them years ago!

Take advantage of outstanding thermal efficiency

If you grew up in the mid to late 20th century, you will probably remember a time when glass doors were the last thing you wanted to have in winter, and conservatories were frozen no-go zones for half the year. How times have changed. Today’s bi folding doors are made of modern glass that has awe inspiring thermal efficiency. As a result, many people actually find their domestic heating bills go down after they have installed them!

Adding style and value

Bi folding doors can add benefits and savings to your home from the moment they are installed. But that is only half the story. They also add tangible value to your house that will immediately deliver a return on investment if and when you decide to sell. The fact is that every potential buyer has doors and windows near the top of his check list when viewing a potential new home. Not only will modern bi folding doors give your property a sophisticated air that makes it stand out from the neighbours, but also that thermal efficiency will really come to the fore when the estate agent produces your home energy certificate.

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Holiday In The London Countryside?

Experience a touch of country relaxation just a few miles from the capital

The idea of experiencing some rural relaxation a mere stone’s throw from one of the country’s busiest motorways and barely a dozen miles from central London seems almost fanciful – but a Hertfordshire hotel set in 35 acres of parkland with its own arboretum offers guests just that.

For business stays requiring an oasis of calm and relaxation amidst a hectic schedule, or for leisure breaks taking in the attractions of London and the surrounding area, the West Lodge Park hotel in Hadley Wood is ideal.

This country retreat in Hertfordshire offers a full range of luxury hotel facilities in a setting combining the benefits of the peace and tranquillity of the countryside with close proximity to not only a capital city but excellent road, rail and air links.

Your home from home

The West Lodge Park is a family run hotel providing comprehensive facilities including various types of room accommodation, several dining options, conferencing, packages such as golf stays, dinner and concert deals and even a bee keeping day.

Amongst the arboretum’s 4500 trees are over 800 species that can be sampled any time by guests whether just wandering through it or taking a guided tour, and this coupled with the picturesque landscape will make it hard to believe you’re so close to major transport links and London itself.

Holiday time?

Sometimes finding time for a relaxing break can be difficult, but being able to get to somewhere like the West Lodge Park quickly by road, rail or air means a few spare days can soon be turned into a relaxing break.

The type of break can be tailored very easily; maybe something simple is called for with the flexibility to do what you like?

If so a day or two relaxing and wondering the grounds may be enough. If you fancy something more organised then choose from the hotel’s activities as mentioned above including guided arboretum tours, bee keeping days, shopping packages and more.

Your time

You may fancy formal dining or the option to eat in a more informal setting or even in a private dining room; the West Lodge Park offers all this and more including champagne breakfasts and afternoon tea.

The highest standards

The West Lodge Park backs up its comprehensive hotel facilities with high levels of service; many of its staff have worked for the family run concern for several years, and it’s an AA and RAC four star establishment so you know you’re in the hands of hospitality specialists.


A key attribute of a stay at the West Lodge Park is convenience combined with a rural-like experience, and to this end its location near Hadley Wood puts it a few miles from the M25 motorway and close to other major road links such as the A1 and M11.

Three international airports are within easy reach just off the above major motorways in Luton, Stansted and Heathrow and there’s plenty of parking including charging points for electric vehicles.

Coming by helicopter? No problem as there’s a free to use helipad.

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How To Be Greener and Still Save Money

The Changes to Make in 2019

If you want to lead by example and live in a more environmentally friendly way, you should consider switching to renewable energy.

If there’s one thing that’s been on everyone’s lips this year, it’s the environment. From plastic pollution to the Californian wildfires that have been linked to climate change, it’s clear that our actions are having a really profound impact on the world that we live in. So, here’s how you can be greener – and save some cash at the same time!

Get in touch with the industry leaders

If you are curious about how renewable energy could work for you, then it’s important to get in touch with one of the leading names in the field. Terra Therma are one of the most trusted renewable energy systems specialists. One of their renewable energy experts will be able to advise you on which system will work best for your property in Essex or the South East.

Safe and quick installation

As a nation we are growing much more aware of how our energy consumption can harm the world around us, and there’s been a really big rise in demand for renewable energy as a result. Terra Therma have an ever-growing range of options to suit every home or business in Essex. Their years of knowledge and expertise mean that they will be able to complete any work quickly and to the highest possible health and safety standards.

The initial outlay pays off

If you are prepared to invest at first, you will reap the rewards later. A lot people are put off powering their homes with green energy because of the money they would need to spend to install all the necessary technology. It really does pay for itself though. While you are paying – probably not as much as you would expect – for your new renewable energy systems up front, you will soon notice the drop in your annual bills.

Playing the long game

Going green with your energy is something that you will appreciate as time goes on. Not only will your bills drop more with each passing year, but you will make less and less of an impact on the world around you. Yes, it may just be you at first, but renewable energy could soon catch on with your neighbours – and after that, who knows? Making the switch to a more green energy source shows that you’re thinking about the bigger picture, and aren’t afraid to wait to see your efforts pay off.

Short-term changes

It goes without saying that switching to renewable energy is a big step, and it’s definitely more of a long-term solution. So as well as doing that, make some small changes that are going to make a difference right now. Not paying for plastic bags at the supermarket and taking your own instead will help to reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans – and save you a few pennies. Making the effort to line-dry your washing and buying your food locally will cost you less and reduce energy and fuel usage too.

Will you go green in 2019?

Making the choice to live in a more environmentally way is so rewarding, and it’s a lot easier than you think too. Terra Therma are on hand to answer any questions that you may have about switching to renewable energy, and there are so many little things you can do each day to live a little greener. We only have one world after all – so let’s be kinder to it next year.

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Retrofitting Existing Street Lights With LED Can Save Money

Newer lighting tech drastically reduces energy use and emissions

Amongst the various concerns governments and environmentalists have regarding saving energy and reducing emissions, street lighting burning electricity every evening and increasing our carbon footprint is a key concern.

An alternative lighting technology to the common and very old sodium lighting type widely used is LED, and more areas UK and world-wide are embracing it.

The energy and environmental lighting issue

The widely used sodium lighting in our towns and cities is, by modern standards, expensive and inefficient and costs many cities and towns an average of 40% of their total electricity bill.

Costs are further increased through their need to be replaced on average every three to six years so making for a hefty maintenance bill for local authorities.

Governments are setting high energy use and emissions targets that older lighting technology simply can’t meet, so LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is seen as the way forward.

Many local authorities have moved at least part of the way over to LED with lighting conversion programmes in full swing (see below) with more to follow with street lighting specialists finding themselves being booked years ahead to do the work.

LED – cheaper and more efficient

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular and widespread thanks to its energy efficiency and longevity; it’s becoming more common in automotive applications as more cars and other vehicles sport LED lights, and many homes and businesses now have at least some LED lighting.

LED offers a number of benefits:

  • Long life – LED lights last around 20-25 years compared to just three to six for conventional lighting so saving on replacement and maintenance costs
  • More focussed – LED lights are more focused so improving night visibility and reducing light spillage
  • Low energy consumption – saving power and emissions
  • Safer – LED lights don’t contain toxic materials such as lead and mercury
  • Vast cost savings – energy bills and maintenance costs could reduce by as much as 90%
  • More robust – LED lights are more durable and robust than older lighting types

How much can LED help save money and reduce emissions?

The short answer is ‘considerably.’ Both in the UK and worldwide significant benefits have already been seen with LED lighting conversions:

  • In Boston, USA, the city saves some $2.8 million (£2.1 million) each year in electricity having converted 40% of its street lights in 2012. When taking into account reduced maintenance costs the ‘break even’ point was reached around three years later.
  • In Portsmouth the majority of street lights are being replaced with LED; savings are expected to be around £400,000 per year with a 40% reduction in energy used.
  • In Brighton, an LED street light replacement project began in 2017 to replace 18,000 lights; the expected energy savings are in the region of £200,000 per year with a projected energy consumption and carbon emissions reduction of just over 60%.
  • In Manchester, the City Council commenced a project to replace the city’s 56,000 street lights with LED tech. When completed in 2020, the savings are likely to in the region of £1.7 million per year with emissions reductions of 7,500 tonnes.

Further savings and emissions reductions necessary

Although LED lighting clearly saves considerably on energy use and reduces emissions considerably, in itself this won’t be enough to meet strict energy consumption and emissions targets.

In order to boost savings and reduce emissions, LED lighting will combine with tech such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) to create ‘intelligent’ street lighting such as this Future Cities demonstration project in Glasgow .

This tech can control when lighting is switched on and off, when it’s dimmed, how much it’s dimmed by, and alter lights through using motion sensors to detect movement and activity and switch lighting on or brighten it when needed.

This will help not only make for more useful lighting for various situations (for example lights coming on in daylight when there’s heavy fog) but contribute to more cost savings and reduced emissions.

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How To Protect Your Business From Rats and Other Pests

How to help prevent rats and other pests from invading your business premises; preventing pests accessing food, water and shelter. Spotting an invasion.

Ways to help ensure your business only plays host to intended visitors

Pests of all types from common flies to perhaps the most disliked of all – rats – can cause a considerable disruption to business activities especially those involved in catering or food preparation in any way. Taking steps to keep the pests at bay will literally pay off.

The rat and other pest threats

In general, if you inadvertently provide a welcoming environment for rats and other pests, they’ll soon take you up on your unintended invitation.

In general terms, pests are attracted to environments where food, water and a degree of warm shelter is provided, so denying them these basics will minimise the risk of infestation.

Quite apart from it being unpleasant to have pests such as rats in your midst, many spread diseases and can cause damage and disruption. Rats are especially nasty visitors; they can cause much damage through gnawing through wiring, plaster and some steel – and they spread diseases harmful to humans such as Weil’s Disease and salmonella poisoning.

The bad news is their numbers are growing in the UK.

Preventing a rat visit

Basically, it’s denying food, water and shelter. Here are the main preventative measures to take:

Water – rats don’t need much water; between 15 and 60 ml a day is enough but they do need to drink each day. A shallow pool of standing water or a dripping outside tap is enough to attract them.

Food – rats are known for eating just about anything, so all types if foodstuffs should be denied them.

Don’t leave food lying around and keep it in secure containers. Even the remnants of a sandwich left lying around in the office rest area is an attraction to a rat.

Ensure waste bins in and around your premises are emptied frequently – especially those containing food debris.

Ensure outside bins are closed securely at all times and don’t let them become over-filled; beware leaving plastic sacks of rubbish in accessible locations, and any food debris should be cleared from outside areas as soon as possible.

Shelter – rats and other rodents are very nimble and can squeeze into small gaps so easily entering a premises via a small hole or other vulnerability.

Check your premises doesn’t have any obvious gaps in brickwork, roofing or elsewhere; if it does, get them repaired or filled properly. Beware pipe and drainage weak spots; rats can swim up pipes so any damaged pipework may need repairing.

An experienced local expert such as this Southend pest control service in Essex can help prevent pest threats by assessing your premises and pointing out vulnerabilities.

Have you already got a rat infestation?

You may already have unwelcome visitors to your business premises. A few ways to spot if you have:

Noises – a scratching coming from the roof area could indicate an invasion. Some rats are adept climbers and can get into roof spaces quite easily.

Tracks and footprints – these can be identified in dustier areas.

Marks on walls and skirting – rats tend to scuttle along close to walls and surfaces such as skirting boards, so can leave streaks on these surfaces from their dirty fur.

Burrow areas – some rats dig burrows to nest, shelter and store food. These tend to be in outdoor areas such as gardens, but if your business premises has an outdoor area and you spot grooves and holes dug into the surface it’s a sign that rats may be present.

Get help fast

A visit from a few rats can soon turn into a multitude as they breed very quickly, so if you are concerned about rats whether from a preventative point of view or you think or know you already have them, then talk to local pest control experts straight away.

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Human Error Leads to £500million Pension Mistake

Telecommunications giant BT says its external consultant is to blame for the latest in a string of accounting errors and scandals.

It seems that barely a week goes by without another big employer announcing a major hole in its pension provisions. The latest to do so has been BT, but the news comes with a twist in the tail, as the deficit of £3.4 billion reported at the end of June has been found to have been understated by half a billion pounds.

Every organisation relies on a solid relationship with its business accountants and auditors, and this is as much the case for the nation’s giants as it is for small businesses. Failing to pick up on an accounting scandal in Italy led to BT ending its 34 year relationship with PWC and appointing KPMG on a new deal worth £14.8 million earlier this year. After completing their final BT audit for the 2017/18 fiscal year, PWC officially handed over to KPMG, a move formally approved by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting in 2018.

The latest in a sequence of financial scandals

In October 2016, BT acknowledged that a preliminary internal investigation into accounting practices in its Italian division revealed certain accounting errors requiring reassessment. According to some reports, these violations amounted to a misstatement of around £145 million. However, an independent investigation led by KPMG and law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer revealed that the losses stemming from these errors actually amounted to £530 million.

The KPMG study also highlighted instances of collusion, circumvention of claims and other aspects of mismanagement within the Italian division of BT, which had not been identified by the lead auditor. These had resulted in the distortion of financial results for a number of years.

The audit report became a guide for corrective action, and BT management committed to improving its management systems, not just in Italy, but also in other countries. The scandal led to a number of senior employees being removed from their posts as part of the clean-up. With the scandal so fresh in everyone’s memory, this latest crisis could not have come at a worse time.

What went wrong?

According to reports in both The Times and The Daily Telegraph, BT’s Chief Financial Officer, Simon Lowth, said the latest incident was a result of “an isolated human error” in calculations made by independent actuary Willis Towers Watson (WTW). Lowth said the error represents less than one percent of BT’s total pension liabilities, which stand at about £57 billion.

BT went on to confirm that this error will not affect its income, cashflow or dividend payouts this year – this will come as a relief in some quarters, given that the Italian debacle of two years ago cost the CEO of the time some £4million in bonus payments.

A representative from Willis Towers Watson said only that it employs the most stringent of controls to ensure the accuracy of its calculations, and that this was a one-off error that has now been corrected.

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Corporate Team Building Brings Out The True Personalities Of Your Staff

Let The Individuals Shine Within A Fun Team Setting

Understanding the personality types that make up your workforce, and using team bonding activities to get the most of their unique character traits.

The teams in your workplace are made up of a wide variety of personalities. Coming from all walks of life, with different religions, genders and backgrounds, your employees may not naturally choose to spend time together in any setting other than the workplace. Yet, together they must work as a team, all striving to produce results for your organisation. The difficulty is that personalities can clash and cause conflict, which may spell disaster for your bottom line. So how can you help your team to bond effectively, whilst allowing the individual personalities of your team to shine? The answer is with corporate team building.

Identifying Personality Types In The Workplace

Many of the personalities that you come across in the office can be grouped into the following categories:

Ambitious – keen to be a leader, with a view to promotion in the near future, this personality wants to shine by being the ‘best’ at every task. Whilst their aims are often in line with the vision of the company, it can be tricky to manage an ambitious employee if they’re happy to step on the toes of their colleagues.

Introverts – often the people to shy away from after-work drinks, the quieter members of your team may actually be some of the most hard-working and pillars of your organisation.

Ego – similar to the ambitious type, those with an ego love to stand out, but you may find that they take credit for work and ideas that were generated by their fellow team-members.

The Ticking Time-Bomb – many organisations have a red-faced employee who is always close to boiling point. Whilst it is important that staff have passion towards achieving company goals, it’s essential that angry employees are dealt with carefully so that they don’t affect the reputation of your business or the mood of your other employees.

Negative Ninny – some people are natural worriers, but unfortunately their anxiety can spread and lower staff morale across your organisation. Positive communication is key here.

How Corporate Team Building Can Help

If you’re looking for activities to bring all of your varying office personality types together, aiming to reach the same goal, whilst having barrels of fun along the way – then corporate team building is an excellent investment. If you’re looking for corporate team building ideas in London for example, then you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re looking to host a team day at your offices, in one of London’s spacious parks, or hit the streets for a challenge, there are countless ways to bring your team together. Choose from activities such as Urban Art for a creative exercise, an indoor Crystal Maze challenge to work on logic and time-challenges, or a Trading Floor experience to hone those investor skills.

The key to this type of corporate bonding experience is to break up your staff into teams that allow each member to offer their individual skills to the group. If you’re looking to uplift the mood of a negative ninny, then put them in charge of PR for the day and express the need to convey a positive message. Alternatively, an ego-driven employee should be encouraged to cheer on their fellow teammates.

Give corporate team-building a go, and you’ll be amazed at how it brings together the various personalities within your organisation.

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Why Your Fleet Needs 3M Graphics

Give your brand a boost with high quality vehicle branding

Branding your vehicle with quality 3M graphics can help you to improve your visibility, increase your reach and win new business.

Marketing and promotion can sometimes be a challenge for small businesses, particularly if there is not much budget available for this type of activity. However, there are some great cost-effective marketing tools out there which companies can harness to build their business, from email marketing and social media to direct mail and good old-fashioned word of mouth. One such tool is fleet vehicle branding, and an increasing number of companies are waking up to the potential of this promotional method to get their name in front of new customers.

Applying branded graphics to your company vehicle essentially turns them into moving billboards, and it is a low cost, high impact way to grab people’s attention and boost your brand visibility.

Choose 3M for quality

However, while fleet vehicle branding can be a really effective marketing tool, it’s important to remember that not all van graphics are created equal.

Branded vehicles can receive up to 3,000 views in an hour and for many people this will be the first and only contact they have had with your organisation. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s vital to ensure that your graphics are professional and good quality. A poor-quality finish will reflect negatively on your brand and could cause you to lose business so, to avoid this, always opt for high quality graphics that have been specifically designed and formulated for this purpose – such as those supplied by 3M graphics.

Science-based technology company, 3M, is a market leader in signage and vehicle graphics, and its clients can benefit from quality, durable materials, quick installation using adhesive technologies, and minimal removal and installation costs. Visually, the graphics themselves offer a striking, high quality and long-lasting finish, and will help to ensure that your company vehicles present your brand in the best possible light.

A network of suppliers

Finding the right supplier is also key to ensuring that your graphics look as good as they possibly can. 3M has a network of approved suppliers across the country, made up of companies who have a proven record in the graphics industry, have a thorough understanding of 3M graphic films and their application, and who have signed up to a high standard of graphic production.

By using an approved 3M partner you can also feel safe in the knowledge that you are putting your brand in safe hands. In order to be selected as a 3M Select Graphic Partner, companies have to meet rigorous standards when it comes to staff training, hardware and software components, the production environment, storage facilities and – most importantly – quality control. What’s more, with a 3M partner your graphics are manufactured under a 3M warranty, so you can be sure that your marketing investment is built to last.

Done well, fleet vehicle branding is one of the most effective ways of increasing your reach and winning new business. And with 3M graphics you can be sure that you are projecting a professional image that inspires confidence in both new and existing customers.

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5 Reasons To Move To Collier Row

A Guide To This Buzzing Romford Suburb

One of Essex’s best-kept secrets is Collier Row. Find out why you should look to move here before the Elizabeth line opens next year.

Collier Row may not be the most famous area of Essex, but it has much to offer prospective buyers. Located just north of Romford, the hub of the area centres around a large housing development, lying next to a crossroads with plenty of local amenities such as shops and restaurants. If you’re interested in moving to the Collier Row area, these five reasons will help persuade you to take a look at this up-and-coming Essex suburb.

Community Spirit

When you’re moving somewhere new, you want to know that there’s a fantastic local vibe – and that’s certainly present in Collier Row. The annual carnival took place for the 7th year in a row, and it’s really helped to put the area on the map. As well as the parade, residents enjoyed plenty of stalls as well as activities such as zorbing, face painting, a pet show and a Pimms tent. The carnival is a great way to get to know local faces in the community.


If you have children, or are planning to start a family in the future, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some excellent schools within easy reach of Collier Row. Kantor King Solomon is considered to be a ‘good’ school in terms of Ofsted’s ratings, whilst both Chadwell Heath Academy and Oaks Park School have both achieved an ‘outstanding’ score.

Open Spaces

Those moving here from the London area, are often in search of greener spaces than they’ve been used to within the capital, and Collier Row doesn’t disappoint! Hainault Forest Country Park covers 300 acres and offers nature trails, fishing lakes, a small zoo for kids and bridleways for those who like horse riding. To the west of the pretty River Rom lies the Recreation Ground, which is a great space to let off some steam – families will love the variety of play equipment available.


Perhaps one of the reasons why Collier Row isn’t fantastically well-known compared to neighbouring Essex suburbs, is the lack of transport links in the area. Until now! When the Crossrail project is finally complete in autumn of 2019, the Elizabeth line will have a station opened at neighbouring Romford. This will slash time off commutes into central and west London. For example, it will take 28 minutes to travel between Romford and Canary Wharf, 35 minutes to Bond Street, and just 64 minutes to Heathrow.

Affordable Properties

Likely the fact that Collier Row hasn’t previously had excellent transport links has left the area with a stock of affordable properties that still represent quite a deal in today’s market. This is unlikely to stay the case once the Elizabeth line opens next year. But for now, you could expect to pay around £325,000 for a 3-bed terraced house, whilst a 2-bed flat might set you back around £250,000, but you should contact a reputable Collier Row estate agent for the latest prices and availability in the area.

Collier Row is one of those hidden gems in Essex that offers everything you could possibly need – a great vibe, with local amenities and a sociable and family-friendly community. Come check it out, you won’t be disappointed!


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